Previous Bruton Town Plans

Over the past twenty years there have been a number of Town Plans for Bruton. The intention is that the 2016-17 Town Plan will build on these documents. For those who are interested there are links to the actual documents on this page as well as to summaries of their main findings and recommendations.

In November 1996 A New Direction for Bruton and the Surrounding Areas was published. This was a joint report by the Town Council, South Somerset District Council and the County Council. It was based on a survey and the work of eight task groups of local people. (The Town Council only has a hard copy of this report. If anyone has an electronic version please get in touch with us at

May 2005 saw a further survey and the publication of Bruton-The Way Forward Report and Recommendations. This report had nearly 300 recommendations. A series of public meetings was held to prioritise the recommendations, which were published in July 2006 as Bruton: The Way Forward Action Plan.

In October 2014 Bruton Community Partnership published a Three Year Action Plan.

You can read a summary of the recommendations of each of these plans, together with information about what has already been done by following the links below. The recommendations are grouped by the themes we intend to use in the 2016-17 Town Plan.

How the Town Looks (new development, conservation, street cleaning)

Getting Around (pedestrian and cycle routes, traffic, lorries, parking, public transport)

Jobs (employment, shops, tourism, promotion of the Town)

Leisure and Places to Go (Jubilee Park and its development, other local amenities, things for young people to do, support for local organisations, town events)

Living in Bruton (Care for the more vulnerable, communications, energy, banks/post office/facilities, role of the church and the schools in the town)