Two hundred and sixty-two people visited the Town Plan stand at the Packhorse Fair, leaving 120 comments on Post-it notes for the Town Plan Steering Group to digest. We are extremely grateful for the time and trouble that people took, and it was encouraging that there was no negativity. We will be using the comments to help develop our October residents’ survey.

You can read more about the Town Plan on the Town Plan page. If you want to add your own comment you can use the comments box at the very bottom of this page (a long way down) or email In either case we are unlikely to be able to respond to individual comments, but we will record them and take them into account as we develop the plan.

The headlines

Speeding and parking stood out as the two most commonly mentioned issues. Thirteen of the fourteen people who mentioned speeding wanted speed reduced (sometimes in specific locations, such as Dropping Lane and Frome Road) but one person thought that “20 is not plenty, keep it at 30”. The need for better enforcement of speed limits was mentioned by five people.

Parking was also mentioned by fourteen people and is clearly a very significant issue for the town. There were, however, more varied views than there were for speeding: “start charging for parking”; “absolutely do not start charging for parking”; “stop town centre car parking”; “build a car park” and “over-zealous traffic wardens” are some examples of the comments we received.

Three other issues were each mentioned by eight people: dog poo/the need for more poo bins; noise from the recent Gilcombe Farm festival and a desire to see the public toilets re-opened. Dog poo was no surprise as it is constant concern and source of complaints, but the strength of feeling about Gilcombe Farm and the public toilets was less expected.

Seven people kindly left comments that the town was already great and nothing needed to change: “Let Bruton be! It is a wonderful place to live.”

Other matters mentioned by several people were new housing (four for, two against), narrow pavements (five mentions), please keep Man on Bench (four), don’t move the surgery (four). Three people thought it would be good if the Dovecote was illuminated at night.

A full record of the comments follows below.


The detail


Lovely town, let’s get a road to bypass it
Build a ByPass to take away heavy traffic, or our roads will collapse!
You’d be lucky [to get 20 mph], traffic at standstill up High Street as it is.
More cycle routes needed
Better footpath with dog bins between Village and Hauser & Wirth
Where is bridge for footpath [at Darkey Lane]
Proper warning and HGV notice at all approaches to town, even as far away as Hunters Lodge
Speed limits are fine as they are they just need enforcement. Better to stop lorries breaking weight limit
Too much heavy traffic along High Street, plus extra wide vehicles which cause blockages
Two hour parking, Silver Street
Stop Town Centre parking
Parking – Packhorse Fair!!  Street only cleaned one side.  Town needs more parking.
Residents’ parking, Lusty
Residents’ parking
Pedestrianise the High Street for all to use safely.  Build a car park.  Stop closing the damn roads
Absolutely do not start charging for parking
Start charging for parking
Please don’t!! [charge for parking]
High Street parking needs MORE enforcement, not less
Aggressive targeting by over-zealous traffic wardens is detrimental to business, give some slack
Keep free parking
Surface of Station Car Park
Quaperlake – pavements wide enough for people and prams
Make Bruton an accessible Town
Improvement pavement to town from Station Road
Pavement from Church Bridge to Godminster [Station Road] Car Park in a dreadful condition, DANGEROUS
Mobility scooters or wheelchairs in High Street is impossible
Proper 40 mph speed enforcement at top of hill [Dropping Lane], small hamlet, narrow road and very fast cars
Traffic slow down
Back up 20 mph with penalties at present too many speeding around town evening and overnight, dangerous when children walking to and from school
Speed limits throughout the town please
Calming traffic from under railway bridge to Budgens. Coaches parking at bus stop – not good place for bus stop.
20 is not plenty, keep it 30
Speeding, dropping lane, please!
Speeding in Station Road leading to dropping lane
Bumps or something in Quaperlake St
Enforcement of speed limits through the town
Speed control on Frome Road like on Cole Road, please
Enforce speed limits!  Enforce truck weight limits!
Plus one [enforce speed limits and weight restrictions]
20 miles per hour!
Better access Station [? Not clear]
Proper signage at [library] junction, warning road narrows and no HGV’s
Convert Park Wall to One Way St, from Godminster Lane to Dropping Lane
A359 Junction High St / Quaperlake St, Slow / Stop sign needed from High Street to Quaperlake
Mirror at bottom of Coombe Hill, so drivers coming down Quaperlake Street can see if traffic is coming down
Right of Way at the end of the High Street?
Change bottom of Park Road to One Way, dangerous where road narrows with children leaving and going to school
Another waste bin in Berkeley Gardens
Some more dog bins
Dog poo bin here [Tolbury Lane]
Need Council drive to stop dog poo’s being left on paths and roads.  Take it home/bin it
Dog mess everywhere, more bins needed
Dog poo bins, Vineys Yard and Parking Vineys Yard
Dog poo bin at top of Cuckoo Hill
Please, please light up the Dovecote
Flowers on Station Road approach – wild ones
Keep man on the bench
Keep man on the bench
Keep man on the bench
Keep man on the bench and promote rural look suitable for Bruton
New housing needed BUT stop highways ‘urbanising’ e.g. with hideous street lights
More buildings [housing]  for local families
Give the town a pressure wash, lovely buildings looking mucky
Better entrance to Bruton signs, not so cheap looking
Please, please, please sort out street name signs, particularly Mill Lane
Better street cleaning
A wild flower meadow
More dog waste bins
Revive the High Street
Create a community jobs board for paid and volunteer positions
No more coffee shops
An area for small industrial units, i.e. business park
More focus and promotion of business such as Truffles in the west end, which are not even on current Tourist map
Campsite required here [above Tolbury Mill]
Light up the Dovecote
Light up the Dovecote, like many historic structures
More information on public footpaths & routes
Publically accessible gym
Events as listed all very good, local societies thriving
Toilet and Baby Changing in the new community hall at Jubilee Park open during the day to public!  Kid Park
If you want more visitors to Town, open the public loos!
Encore that [re-open public loos]
Re-open the public loos
Yes re-open public loos, it was mad to close them
 Yes me too! [re-open the public loos]
Plus one [re-open the public loos]
Re-open the toilets in the town
Please re-open the loos
Playground for older children
Make stream accessible and make it clean and easy to sit next to
Join Bruton buddies to help our community
Desperate need for an old folks’ home
Set up a dog poo wormery
Couldn’t sleep 2 nights in a row, unacceptable noise.
INCESSANT anti-social noise generated by Gilcombe Farm Festival, totally unfair and unacceptable!
Would be good if festivals normally stopped at midnight
Cease fesitvals and loud music from Gilcombe Farm
No fireworks on a Sunday night at Gilcombe Farm
Ban Gilombe Farm from doing as they please with parties and festivals
Limit amount of Gilcombe festivals and enforce low sound levels
Too many loud and v. late festivals at Gilcombe Farm
It’s lovely as it is, don’t change it
Please no more changes, leave Bruton alone
Bruton is perfect, I love it
Let Bruton Be! It is a wonderful place to live
It’s lovely, love everything, including gallery
I love Bruton, very friendly!
Charming Town, don’t change a thing esp. not new housing estates
New housing needed
No more new housing estates, please
If only life were that simple [response to no new housing estates]
Set up a park and ride for Gilcombe Farm festivals visiting local supermarkets
General parking and lack of Police just on patrol. Lived here 6 years, NEVER seen a policeman on patrol.
Police VOLUNTEER liaisons who work from public area, such as community hall or library, policing issues such as speed, anti-social behaviour, or other concerns can be raised. Volunteers have direct contact with Police in Wincanton
Sort out why can’t transfer why can’t transfer from boarding to day [school] if move
Don’t move the Doctor, because people will drive to Frome, damaging town shops
yes keep it  [the doctor’s surgery] where it is
Don’t move the Dr’s surgery out of town.
Don’t move it [the doctors’ surgery]
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